Omega VRT330 Juicer Review

Omega VRT330 JuicerJuicing fruits and vegetables is one of the most delicious ways to boost your health. Omega is a worthy competitor in the market of electric juicers, and they have constantly come up with products that are efficient and easy to use.

The Omega VRT330 is no exception. The VRT330 juicer guarantees to provide you with the most juice yield your fruits or vegetables can ever produce.

What exactly makes this juicer so special as compared to others?

The VRT330 works with its patented Low Speed Juicing System that carefully masticates fruits to produce a better yield and a drier pulp. Juicing goods with low speed devices has various benefits. With slow juicing, the mill-like auger doesn’t heat up with friction. When one uses a high-speed juicer, heat from the machine’s parts kills the living enzymes in the fruits and vegetables, and one ends up with juice that’s low in nutritional value. Also, because of the juicers slow rotation, the end product is clear and devoid of foam.

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The VRT330 has a self-feeding design that feeds the fruit or vegetable into the masticating auger using gravity alone. You don’t need to push or wrestle your goods into the juicer just to get things going.

For the best juicing power, the augers are created to be extra-powerful. The crushing device is made of GE Ultem, a material that is eight times more durable and powerful than those made of melamine.The juicer also comes with an ingenious wiping system to prevent clogging. The inside of the juicer has silicon wiping blades that clean the screen of excess pulp.

The most impressive feature, however, is its dual juicing capacity. The VRT330 juices in two steps this helps produce the best juice possible. The first step is the mastication process, where the augers chew and grind your produce. The second step makes most of the pulp by pressing it against a screen and separating juice from it. The end result is juice that’s incredibly delicious and rich in nutrients and living enzymes.

The Omega VRT330 is a juicer everyone should have at home.

Check out these features!

  • Masticating juicer with 2-horsepower-equivalent single-phase induction motor
  • Dual-stage juicing system; auto pulp-ejection for continuous juicing; reverse mode
  • Low rotation speed of 80 RPMs means minimal heat build up for healthier results
  • Accessories include fine and coarse dual-stage screens, 2 50-ounce juicing cups, tamper, and cleaning brush
  • Measures 9-5/6 by 6-4/5 by 15-5/6 inches; 10-year limited warranty

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The first impression.
Let me start off by saying the construction of this machine is impressive. There was not a flimsy piece of plastic on the entire machine. The entire set-up is heavy gauge plastic, the machine easily…

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