HU 100: Hurom Slow Juicer Review

HU 100

If you are going to live healthily, then fresh fruit and vegetable juice is definitely going to be part of your everyday life. Instead of spending so much time and money on buying these juices from the supermarket, you should instead make the juice yourself. That way, you are sure that what you are drinking is in fact 100% pure juice.

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The problem with most juicers is that they do not maximize the fruits that are being juiced, and a lot of the fruit is actually wasted. That is why the Hurom Slow Juicer is so different from the rest of the products out there.

The Hu 100 features a dual stage juice extraction method that first crushes the fruit, and then presses it until all of the juices come out. This unit uses low speed technology that will efficiently and effectively squeeze out every single drop of juice that is in the fruit, vegetable, or even grasses that you are juicing.

It also comes with pulp extraction plugs so you your juice is left nice and smooth. It evan has a self-cleaning holder plus two 50-ounce juicing cups, a tamper, a brush, and an instruction manual included in the box.

But don’t think that the Hu 100 is another piece of equipment that will make your kitchen look bulky and messy. It features a design that is sleek and tasteful, and the unit itself is also quite compact. You can easily just leave it there on the counter, since you will surely be using the Hu 100 everyday.

So if you want to have the best juice that was ever extracted from fruits, vegetables, or even grasses, then buy the Hurom Juicer today. You will be able to get 50% more juice than all the other juicers out there on the market, and you will be able to work towards a healthier and happier you.

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Here are some of it’s great features

  • Slow juicer provides maximum nutrition and taste from juiced fruits, vegetable, and grasses
  • Dual-stage extraction crushes then presses for increased yield and minimum waste
  • Small footprint, quiet operation, and attractive design; ; easy self-cleaning feature
  • Includes fine and coarse dual stage screens, pulp extraction plugs, self-cleaning screen holder, two 50-ounce juicing cups, tamper, brush, and instruction manual
  • Measures 9-3/4 inches long by 6-3/4 inches wide by 15-3/4 inches high; 10-year warranty

Heres what this happy owner has to say about the Hurom HU 100

E.Tam says

It juices virtually everything perfectly! Peel the rind off a lemon and it juices better than a citrus juicer! It does greens VERY well, almost all pulps come out dry without so much as a drop to wring out from it, and it looks gorgeous in a glass.

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