Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Review

JE900Juicing has never been easier or more fun than with this Breville Juice Extractor!

Touted as the world’s fastest juicer, the Breville JE900 can churn out an 8-ounce glass of juice in under five seconds, putting it miles ahead from its competition. It has actually been proven to reduce juicing time by as much as 90%.

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It’s not just about the speed. The JE900 actually extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables compared to the other juicers by as much as 30%. Juice fountain is not just a boast for the Breville juicers, because it really does gush out a fountain of juice, a spectacular feat considering that its competition only produces small trickles, takes a longer amount of time, and wastes more pulp.

It further saves time by having a pulp container that is designed to be able to fit in a grocery bag for easy disposal. If that’s not enough, the juicer only has a few parts, all of which are dishwasher-safe, so it’s easier for you to clean it after using.

Like the other Breville juicers, the JE900 has a wide feed tube, which is about three inches in diameter, allowing users to feed whole fruits and vegetables at a time. This is a handy feature for the people on the go who can’t afford the time to peel, chop, slice, and dice to be able to get their daily healthy fix.

Along with the centered feed tube, it also has a knife blade cutter assembly, where small, Italian-made dual-bladed knives shred the fruits and veggies into small pieces before pushing it against the filter.

The Breville Juice Extractor also comes with a free one-quart juice pitcher, which has been designed to have a froth separator, geared towards the people who like their juice foam-free. However, those who like bubbles in their juice can just slide the separator off the pitcher.

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Check out these great features.

  • Powerful 600-watt motor produces a quart of juice in one minute
  • One of the easiest juicers to clean
  • Extra-wide feed tube accommodates whole apples and tomatoes
  • Large capacity slide-out pulp container
  • Stainless-steel micromesh strainer; base cord-wrap

Look at what this happy owner says about the JE900 here.

fan of quality products,

….I decided to look around for a machine that I can actually live with,  use it without having to clean the thing afterwards. I’d never heard of Breville before, but the solid 5-star rating caught my eye. The idea of a wide enough feeder tube so I don’t have to spend so much prep time was enticing,…

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