BELLA 13695 NutriPro Cold Press Juicer, Stainless Steel

Product Features

  • Retains nutrients for optimal health
  • Continuous, jam-resistant juicing
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Quiet operation, no spinning blades
  • Delicious, healthy recipes included
(as of 11/29/2022 06:45 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Enjoy the nutritional benefits and great taste of freshly squeezed juice with the NutriPro Juicer. This juicer uses cold-press technology to thoroughly juice all kinds of fruits, nuts, and veggies and separate out the pulp, so you’ll enjoy more juice and less foam. Juice from the NutriPro also stays fresher longer, so you can keep it on hand for an energy-boosting pick-me-up. The NutriPro includes two BPA-free 50-ounce plastic jars: one to catch and store juice and the other for pulp.

Cold Press Juicer
At a Glance:
  • Cold-press technology for more juice and nutrients
  • Eliminates oxidization for juice that stays fresh for up to 72 hours
  • Quiet, efficient induction motor
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Experiment with different combinations and green juices

Cold press technology delivers more juice and more nutrition.

The more thorough juicing process preserves more healthy nutrients and enzymes.
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Cold-Press Technology for More Nutrient-Rich Juice

Conventional juicers have fast spinning blades that cut fruits and vegetables to produce juice. The NutriPro uses single-auger, cold-press technology with a single juicing screw that crushes fruit and vegetables before compressing and squeezing the juice. This no-blade process produces more juice while wasting less pulp, which helps preserve nutrients and enzymes

Quiet, Efficient Induction Motor Prevents Oxidation

NutriPro’s induction motor reduces friction and maintains a lower temperature throughout the juicing process. This prevents oxidation, which helps to eliminate foaming and deliver better-tasting juice that stays fresh for up to 72 hours. The motor is also quiet, with an operating noise of approximately 60 decibels compared to the 95 decibels conventional-bladed juicers typically generate. This lower level of sound makes it easier to use in noise-sensitive environments, such as offices.

Easy Operation and Cleanup

The juicer’s jam-resistant operation and reverse button allow for fast, continuous juicing–just add water and give your juicer a rinse between different fruits and vegetables. When it’s time to clean up, all of the juicer’s removable plastic parts are dishwasher safe (top rack only).

Juice All Kinds of Fruits and Veggies

NutriPro makes it easy to experiment with delicious, healthy combinations of fruits, nuts, and veggies. Impress your brunch guests with juices made from citrus fruits, leafy greens, peaches, wheatgrass, sprouts, and more. Even high-starch fruits that don’t typically produce juice can be skinned, pitted, frozen, and fed into the NutriPro juicer to produce a velvety dairy-free sorbet.

What’s in the Box

BELLA NutriPro Cold Press Juicer, food pusher, lid, stainless steel juice strainer, crushing auger, processing bowl, two BPA-free juice/pulp cups, cleaning brush, and user manual with recipes.

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